The Ballad of a Traveler

I walk today across the hallway with deep melancholy,

With each step I take I feel my heart grow heavier.

I begin to play the Blues in my Mind and feel a wrenching in my soul,

Knowing I can’t cry because I’m leaving alone.

The swivel door through Security leads me to the antechamber of waiting,

For the Ferry rowed by Charon.

I’ve paid my coin and I wait for him row,

From the World of Love, to the World of destiny.

The World I love dissolves beneath me into a mist of fog, I touch the skies,

And the memories of a thousand happy times come rushing to my mind.

The ball of dust beneath my feet dissolves into the placid sky,

As the first rays of the Sun Cause me to smile.

A Traveler I am, an epitome of strength sublime,

Quests take me to uncharted lands to discover untold Hope.

It puts a smile on the Lips of people I Love because,

Travel to me is a journey to Self Discovery

My Love spans across continents, so my doubts begin to appear

I’ve left so much behind!

My work and Life takes me across the three continents of the World,

But my heart resides in Two.

The morning comes as the night darkness recedes,

I’m still in Ferrying toward my destiny.

The Sun winks at me through the first rays of his Light

And speaks in whispers to me

“I shine through the windows of Hope, to tell you today,

The people you Love reside within you forever,

Feel them alive within your soul,

And hear them speak to you alone.”

And I try to see them in earnest, as I hope for them to come,

I feel my Mother Hugging me, my Father Gazing in trust.

They want the world for me

I know they’ll never let go.

The One I Love holds me so tight; I feel my eyes go moist,

I can’t hold back the tears as she whispers ever so gently to me.

I smile in knowledge now, as I wipe away my tears of Joy,

My Loved ones are today with me, and Joyous forever I’ll be.


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